Religious and Spiritual Resources

The Office for Student Diversity & Inclusion collaborates with the university community to support the holistic experience of students. William Paterson offers resources to support and promote interfaith engagement and encourage religious persons to deepen their engagement with their own traditions, while developing respect for difference.  

The Prayer & Meditation Room is meant to serve and support all students and the holistic wellness of the university community.  This space allows individuals of all religious faiths and non-religious beliefs to experience a place for peace, prayer, meditation and/or reflection throughout the day.  The space is not intended for any organized programs or meetings.  The prayer and meditation room is available for students to use whenever the Student Center is open.   

The Prayer & Meditation Room is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center in Room 330.

 Prayer & Meditation Room Guidelines  

Faith-Based club Advisors work collaboratively with the Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion to coordinate interfaith programs and community resources. 

Rachel Waldorf HIllel headshot

Rachel Waldorf is the Director of Hillel of Northern New Jersey. Hillel of Northern NJ supports Jewish life at five local campuses: William Paterson University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Bergen Community College, Stevens Institute of Technology and Ramapo College. Rachel is always looking to connect to Jewish students on campus!

Reach out to her if to schedule a coffee meeting or just to find out more information about Jewish life on campus!  You can find her in the Student Center, Room 214 on Tuesdays from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

Contact Rachel Waldorf at or (908) 839-7158 AND follow Hillel of NNJ on Instagram @HillelNNJ and @WPUHillel. 

Religious & Cultural Holiday Resources

The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion recognizes the importance of various religious and cultural observation periods throughout the year. While not exhaustive, the Religious and Cultural Holiday Resources below provide reliable links and direction to external resources, with an illustration or list of the various religious and cultural holidays that may be celebrated by members of our community and beyond.  It is important to note that certain holidays prohibit work or impact daily lives/routines during periods of observation. During this time, students, faculty, or staff may request consideration in order to observe, pray, fast, acknowledge, or celebrate.


Anti-Defamation League Calendar of Observances:

Diversity Resources Interfaith Calendar:



Anti-Defamation League Calendar of Observances:

Diversity Resources Interfaith Calendar: